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wow i didnt think collins was 6'6? i just looked it up on espn.com i didnnt believe it. That makes me think less of him now that he had height advantage over most people he faced. Collins was great first year comming out of that D league(i think thast were he came from) and proving he's decent. but sicne then he's been a disaster...he cant passs or shoot...horrible passer everytime i saw him play he passed to the wrong team..idc what his stats say he's a scrub to me..we should trade him or send him back down to the D-league.
Mardy Collins was a first round pick by Isiah Thomas. We got that pick as part of the Antonio Davis for Jalen Rose trade; the Raptors gave us a draft pick that they received from the Denver Nuggets. He took Collins over Daniel Gibson. Say thank you to our great former coach and GM, and to our current consultant. lol I agree. Collins should be packaged in a trade. I don't believe in him. Collins is a shooting guard that has no offensive ability, so he's forced to play as an oversized point guard. He has potential, but I just don't believe in him.