first thing i did, i started to check the results, and while reading the articles, i'm noticing that everybody is revolted after nuggets' loss 112-113 against the lakers, with the help of the refs. if any of you saw the game, please let me know what happened out there.

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Carmelo is standing there holding the basketball - and he would have either dunked it or brought it out so that the Lakers would have been forced to foul.

The referee's huddle and decide that yes it was an inadvertant whistle. They award the Lakers a jump ball at half court, even though Carmelo had possession of the ball when the whistle blew. Shaq won the tip with Nene, and with the Nuggets scrambling on defense to cover Kobe and Shaq - rookie Kareem Rush was left open for a three-point attempt with 3 seconds left. He nailed it. The Nuggets inbound the ball and from just inside half-court, Andre Miller's prayer hit the front of the rim and fell short, just like the Nuggets.

A new all-time record crowd of 19,812 people stood stunned and angry. People started throwing food and the remainder of their beverages at the court, and three uniformed police officers came out and escorted the refs to the exit. Coach Bzdelik was hopping mad - more mad than I have ever seen him. Assistant coach T.R. Dunn had to restrain him to keep him from going after the refs. It was an ugly scene to end a great, great game.

Don't get me wrong - I'm heartbroken from this loss - the first time the Nuggets have lost 4 in a row this season, and with a 15 point lead at one point in the second half, it really was looking good. The Nuggets outplayed the Lakers much of this game, but the wild span of less than 2 minutes was their downfall.

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