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    Originally Posted by KnicksFan112
    I just has to fill out their bench and get a solid pg and center.
    Those are the two hardest positions in the entire NBA to fill with quality talent. Think of the last 3 drafts and how many PG's and Centers to come think how many will be great players.

    But anyway I thuink that trade #2 would be great but why do trade #1? Just let Marbury expire.

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    Originally Posted by Pablo Escobar
    You say nobody will trade for Marbury but what about Curry? Its not sensible to say that Marbury is a bigger loser then Curry. You were quick to jump on Marbury who did not play last season. But what about Curry? I have not been on in a while but i have read some of your posts. You are on jpz17's level. My son in 5th grade speaks with more knowledge then you. I would like to say alot of other things but i do not wish to get anymore infractions. Curry is supposed to be in the prime of his career. What did he do last year? He averaged about 13 points and 5 rebounds while playing 26 minutes a game. You would hope he could keep his turnovers under 2 while not playing too many minutes, right? WRONG! He averaged 2.1 turnovers and shot around 62% from the free throw line.

    Next time you need to say "nobody will trade for Eddy Curry" instead of marbury. It is no secret that you are stupid. Your so stupid it took you an hour to make minute rice.

    getreal lost

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