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    Default Does Vince Carter deserve any respect now?

    Hes been at the nets summer league games helpin out all the young players. I gotta give him credit for using his time to do this but for me to respect him i would have to see him show heart on the court. Thats the knock on vince, hes got all the talent and he couldve been an incredible player. I remember him at one point being considered just as good as kobe...this was when kobe was in his 2nd or 3rd year i think. But vince has everything....strength, athleticism, post game, mid range game, 3pt game, slashing, defense, rebounding, and passing. Hes a complete player who never showed the heart to become an elite top 5 player in the league. Things didnt end in the best way with him and the raptors. But now that hes been with new jersey and kidd and jefferson are both gone i think hes realizing that he has to be the man and help these young players out as much as possible. I give him credit for trying and i hope i can give him more credit once the season starts. Ive always liked him (dont get it twisted, i hate the nets) and i would like to see him prove some of his haters wrong.

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    Hes has horrible shot selection. He called the best bad shot shooter in the league. If his shot selection had been better throughout his career he would have been one hell of a player. He just gets tempted to jack em' up, and does.
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    he should become a SF his speed isnt like it use to but he is an all star whether you like it or not...the Nets should use him as a leader for all their young players
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