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Who are these scientists you speak of that do not agree with evolutionary fact? By all means I would love to read some of their work, and show you how huge idiots they are in the first place. Every notable scientist on planet Earth, agrees with evolutionary fact. The fringe scientists, pseudo-scientists, religious scientists are the one's most likely you are talking about..and honestly that like copying the answers of the guy in high school who got a C+, but not the guy who was getting the A.
So now you will insult the intelligence of persons who spend countless hrs trying to prove what you believe, but because they exercise logic along with their vast knowledge, and come to a different conclusion than you and those who believe like you, simply because they disagree? Take away their degrees! They cannot be REAL SCIENTISTS BECAUSE THEY DON'T AGREE WITH EVOLUTION!! Wow.

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We were not all created by Jehovah. That's not factual in of itself. You BELIEVE you were created by Jehvoah. Big differece to beliving in something because your faith requires you to do so, and another to suggest that factually mankind and all things in the universe were created by what you think is a supreme external force outside the laws of nature, physics, biology, and chemistry.
If you would read the creative days post in the religious thread, it may help you to know that Science itself pretty much would agree that how the creative days are said to have happened, evolution would have happened that way.

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So because the other people folks thought were GOD's don't count because no one said nothing earlier? What kind of BS is that? Seriosuly. If no one would have prohpezied about Jesus...then you're telling me based on that assumption that folks today would not be walking around as Christians? People believe what they wish. Fact remains people saw Zeus, Osiris, Alexander as GODS. Jesus his very existence comes from pagan mythology...man born to a GOD and a mortal woman...roman, greek, eygptian history is filled with these..and by the way they existed millenias before Chrisitanity even came about..that's world history right there...and it's factual.
For a fact I'm telling you there would not be Christianity if not for the prophesies and appearance of Jesus fulfilling these prophecies. And the fact that the God of the bible can say what will happen centuries before they do and they happen exactly as he says lends credibility to him being the true God, would it not? Jesus very existence did not stem from pagan myths, because all the bible prophesied about Jesus he fulfilled, or will very shortly. There is a difference.

And again, the fact that these other societies had Gods, means they just rightly acknowledged a higher being. Does not mean they got it right. Same as with evolution. It basically means this all had a beginning, but it discredits intelligent design, and runs with chance as the intelligent design. Something came from nothing, by chance.. Great.

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The Bible is not source proof of anything, do I really have to engage you into a discussion of why it can't be used as a source of historical fact?
Yes, please engage me. Please tell me how the Christians in Jerusalem between 66 ce and 70 ce knew to flee to Judea to save themselves from utter destruction like the Jews who remained their by NOT heeding Jesus' warning to FLEE WHEN YOU SEE JERUSALEM ENCAMPED BY STAKES. The only people to survive that destruction were the Christians who heeded the warning and the Jews who were taken into captivity by the Romans. Jesus told that prophecy before he died almost forty years earlier. That is just one. Engage me though.

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There were a few prophecies about Alexander the Great being a GOD, but those came after his life.
So then how is it a prophecy? It has to be foretold to be prophetic. Thought you knew that? I mean, the bible has a prophecy about Alexander, BEFORE he lived it. Even said who would take over his Kingdom from within his cabinet. And it was not his sons or family members. Astounding. So which would one with common sense believe to be true? The one that came AFTER he had conquered, or the one that tells his life, and untimely death, and who will take over his vast kingdom long before he was even born? I will let you tell it.

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People attirbuted to him he was a GOD for all the known world that he had conquered. But he wasn't the first leader of a society to be ascribed himself as GOD's so called representative. Louis XVI, The Pope, Hitler, Stalin, Juliuis Ceasar, Nero, Caligula, Seti I, Seti II, Tut, Nerftiti....just to name a few more examples of leaders who were described and held as GODs by the common people in their society. Hell even the english had their versions...Henry VIII, Edwards VII, Victoria II..etc....you don't see a pattern here??
Yea, people are mislead. That is the pattern. Clearly these persons were not actual Gods, they were human. Even Jesus was human. Humans are not Gods. But one of those humans is the son OF GOD. And all things written beforehand about him he fulfilled during his life, or will in th every near future. Big, big difference.

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All the persons on that list with the exception of Vespatian, Augustus, and Alexander are/were actual persons. The rest of them just simply their GOD's at the time the people believed in, worshipped, sacrificed for, fought for, died for, believed blessed them...just like this Jesus person.

Where is this evidence Jesus was a real actual person? Because reading through the mythologies of the Greeks, Romans, and Eygptians who by they way conquered the supposed holy lands at various times in their empires respective histories...exchanged cultures, and ideals with the people's as well. Wouldn't be a logical shock if someone decided to incorporate all these stories, and powers..into their own hero. Basically, Jesus is a rip-off of other myths..and better one's too I might add..far more entertain and harmless.
The evidence is all around you Jesus existed. The things he said would take place during our time are taking place, exactly how he said they would. The Christians who lived past 70 ce listened to him and owe their lives to him foretelling what would happen, and how to escape the tragedy of the destruction of Jerusalem that year. How would they know what to look for to escape if not forewarned? The Jews there thought Jehovah had once again saved them when the romans in 66 ce encamped the army and for whatever reason.. just left. Why did the Christians decide to flee, When millions of Jews stayed?


That massive preaching work has been going on for quite awhile now. Another prophecy turned true.

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It's funny the Egyptians with their vast tapestry of history, and record keeping...have no mention of this "Moses" person, or any of the plaque's that happened or anything. You would think something so huge, and big in human history..one of their scribes would have wrote this down on some kind of official stone or parchment...but no instead it only finds itself in books about fairytales like religion.
Would you keep a record of such a blow to all you know, love and believe? Jehovah shattered everything they believed in. Their many Gods could not protect them, while the God of their slaves not only protected his people, but they prospered throughout the ordeal. Even the surrounding nations recognized Jehovah was behind it. And the Jews as his people prospered for over 1500 years after that due to him. True story.

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You haven't proven there is a GOD, there is a Jehovah. All you have done is sit here and expose your beliefs, as fact. No more no less.

And by the way...let's assume for a second all the bull**** your talking is true...how do you know for a fact GOD is a Christian??
Again, you would have to wanna truly accept that there is a God. God reveals himself to those truly seeking him. Right now, you are saying there is no God. Kinda tough for you to put faith in something you don't feel is real or tangible. Proof can smack you in the face and you would not know it. You would have to understand why all these things have taken place, and to do that you would have to peer into God's written word, the bible, which you regard as a fairytale.

So the issue here is not God at all, it's you.