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And lemme ask you this. Has science ever been wrong on what they at a time or two, considered a scientific fact? Have they ever had to revise their thinking on evolution in anyway?

Now when you answer that, answer this. Has the BIBLE ever had to revise it's thinking on any scientifical matter it states in it, ever? And if you answer no, as you wisely should, then ask, how could those writers get those scientific facts correct without the tools and knowledge that today's scientists have?
So because science updates it's wrong? If that isn't the biggest load of horse****. That's exactly what makes and SCIENCE SUPERIOR TO RELIGION, any of them.

The very fact that the bible and all other religious texts have remained stagnant in superstition and stupidity is the reason why most people of faith have lower I.Q's.

Religion let's not forget..let's take the bible for example...states it is a sin to eat shellfish, the children should be stoned for cursing at their parents, that it is justifiable to kill someone who prays to a different GOD, that slaves should be submissive to their masters, wives to their husbands, rape is only a crime if shes not married, that she should be ostracized when she gets her period.

If I had to pick a book to give to a child about morality..your vile holy books I'd instruct them were toilet paper and give them something more nurturing.

But getting back to science. What makes science superior is because it does update, and is adaptable. Human knowledge increases with study, time, debate, experimentation, discovery, research, evidence. The fact that science can be wrong, and CORRECTED later on is it's power and beauty. Sure can be wrong, but it has to be tested, proven, confirmed, re-confirmed. And guess what...mistakes are corrected. Darwin was wrong about heredity because he couldn't have possibly had knowledge of genetics. Which we discovered.

You cant change one word, syllable, or paragraph in any holy book. Holy books are nothing more than the thoughts
of early primitive peoples, trying to explain concepts intellectually far beyond their capabilities.

The bible hasn't even been updated to state that the earth revolves around the sun..it still states the earth is the center of the universe. Still states the earth was created in 7 days...never mind the 4 plus billions years. Has no mention of Cain's wife I might add..still to this day.

Eventually it is my hope one day religion, is looked at no differently that a children's magic show.