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Actually, chimpanzees make choices based on free will too. They also experience happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, are able to figure out problems and are self aware. They are incredibly intelligent creatures. You would be amazed at their level of intelligence.
I would not be surprised actually, they seem pretty smart without much notice really. But still they are more instinct than free will.
Do chimps posess the frontal lobe? Can they worship? Can they create? These things set us way apart from all animal life on earth.

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Is this really what you think evolution is? If so, then I totally understand why you don't believe it. In fact, that is the problem with most creationists. They don't know or don't understand. Genetics is a very complex science. The more knowledge I gained about genetics, the less I believed in God.
I will not pretend to say I fully comprehend everything that it takes for one to believe in evolution, but from what I have read on it from what I percieve to be credible sources, it is being debated by even top notch scientists. Plus as I have said, I have done some reading on the fossil record that you cling too, and there is still no further proof in that. I'D REALLY LIKE YOU TO DISCUSS THE FOSSIL RECORD POST IN THE RELIGIOUS THREAD ON THE LAST PAGE I PUT UP. I cannot understand how you have not once addressed it, yet say I should believe in evolution based on it.

I take your opinion seriously on this matter because it appears you have done extensive research on this. So please let me know what you think of that write up in that section.

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The same goes for astronomy. Both are very humbling sciences and really put the human race into perspective within the grand scheme of life and the universe. Thoroughly understanding these two sciences, along with understanding the concept of the passage of time can only make one doubt the bible and doubt the existence of a supreme being that cares for us.
Well again, I can clearly see you have done your homework on this evolution stuff. But you are weighing it against largely a false concept of what the bible is really about. I don't blame that on you totally, but I have shown you quite a bit of bible truths compared to what you had already perceived you knew on certain subjects.

That is why it will be a lot tougher for anyone to disprove the bible to me, than the avg Christian. Because myself and others who believe like myself see the bible strictly from God's point of view, and not out own, as many others like to do.