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    Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Realz
    To state there is a GOD at work, prove there is a GOD at work. Pointing to something saying an invisible man in the heavens did it is not proof, it's not even a good assumption.

    Assumptions the good ones, have logic, and evidence behind them. This comes back to strict faith in the sense that you are saying something had to set it in motion, because you have no evidence to state it was set in motion. It's like telling your wife "I know you've been cheating on me", she says prove it, you can't..but now because you can't don't automatically mean she isn't cheating does it, nor does it mean you have proved your claim's not up to her to prove she's not cheating. You made the claim she is it's your burden to prove it. You say there is a GOD that kickstarted life and creation...okay prove there is an actual physical GOD and I'll say ya'll are right.

    But if you're going to hand me a book full of bad logic, contradicting stories and moral tales, and the only explanation you have is it had to be "created" but it's too complex not to have've proven nothing but that you have faith..and argument from personal experience is not evidence.
    I understand you were talking to Paul, but I just have to address this.

    You call the bible a book of bad logic, why? You are the one who has an improper view of it. A lot of what you reason it to be is from a jaded viewpoint, and it appears you are not even trying to understand it. Yet you are quick to call it bad logic, contradicting and fairy tale-ish. But you have not proven that. What you have proven however is that you have the slightest Idea of what the bible really teaches.

    I have seen you try and disprove prophecy but have failed miserably. I have not seen you disprove my post on the fossil record which would lend a big help to your argument.

    And yet, you said you would absolutely do so when this thread started.

    At best you are in the same boat you say we are. You believe what you believe based on what you percieve to be evidence, and we rely on the bible based on what we percieve to be it.

    But don't get me wrong, I commend you on your beliefs, and the time you take to try and understand, and even argue your point of view. I myself, my head would probably spin if I was trying to understand the intricasies by what you have learned through science. But unless you objectively listen to arguments against what you believe, you cannot even begin to understand an argument presented for the other side.
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