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Plus saying he is the most loving person, even if he was the son of god and died for us and so on, you would have had to have met every SINGLE person who has every lived to be able to say he was the MOST loving.

The fact is that your BELIEVE these things, they aren't fact. Its all relevant to the individual. You have NO proof. Noone does. Thats my point. Nothing can be proven, EVERYTHING is on faith. Science included. There is no definite answer, no beyond a reasonale doubt, etc...
You would not really need to meet every living person. Jesus was in Heaven doing just fine before he chose to take on the assignment of dying as a human for our benefit. Are you leaving a life of comfort to choose to die for the benefit of someone elses glory and to save undeserving humans?
Jesus did exactly that.

So as far as you see it, you don't even really know if you really even exist? If all of this is even real? What is real? Like the matrix right?