I usually dedicate my whole summer watching Knick Transactions and rookies but this year for fun what I am going to take the summer off in the interest of our off season moves being a surprise to me!

As of today Steph is still a Knick (although I just read a post about this kid who happened to have a decent Summer League game being his replacement, no doubt a thread discussion will ensue today)

Zach is still a Knick and we just missed on an opportunity to bring Camby back for him

Lee future is still uncertain

Galo is sitting out is second summer league game after a decent showing his first game

Wilson is looking like the steal I felt he just might be!

So you can say this is all a time capsul for me to unlock when I return.

How different do yall think this Knicks team be from what I just described come opening night?

What I need from yall is first some feedback about what you think the roster changes will be, and update this thread with trade and signing information!

Ok enjoy the rest of your summer and I'll see yall opening night tip off......maybe preseason I may not be able to stay away from our team or the the best forum that long!