Pacers looking for a PF. According to rumors, Knicks still looking for guards.

What are the chances of a deal involving Randolph and Tinsley? Just burning braincells here; not checking real GM to match salaries (will let someone else get into those details). I just like to try and see where management is looking.

I'm not privy to how things between Donnie and the Pacers are at this point. I know Walsh and Larry had a power struggle, but it wouldnt surprise me if they wheeled and dealed in the future.

I'm not crazy about Tinsley, although he does get his steals and assists.

And I'd get into it if it would get us David Harrison, who would probably fit in DAntoni's system.

Hell, if they would give us Granger, I'd ship almost anyone else from our team. That guy is the closest thing to Shawn Marion, IMO.

What are the chances?