Ok i'll start this thread off by saying im pissed. For a couple of reasons actually, The nuggets "gave" camby to the clips for the second rounder that we could have had for zach. It meant a lot more to the knicks to dump zach, then it did for denver to dump camby. Whose gonna take Zach now? no one. Walsh has impressed me so far with drafting Gallo (even though i thought it was a bad pickup at first), signing Duhon, and now getting Roberson. I cant complain- the guy has done his job, but he missed out on a golden opportunity to dump zach and his hefty contract and he passed it up. Yeah the second rounder we would have got probably would have been some sucky ass player but, by making the knicks younger-(drafting gallo, getting duhon and roberson) Zach and Curry i dont think fit in with dantoni's run and gun offense. We have a young team- besides marbs, rose, james, etc... Chandler, Lee, Balkman are all guys who will flourish in this new system and having Z-BO and Curry up front doest make a lot of sense anymore, but for now we are stuck with them and as far as marbury goes- he might be bought out, especially with acquiring duhon and roberson.

Post all your thoughts and comments here!