Many people have picked teams to trade Zach and since the Clips got refused, it doesnt seem likely they will counter offer with a better deal. I'm looking at teams that dont have a solid PF, have a defensive Center to back up Curry, and a decent shooting guard to back up Crawford. We are wekest at the Center spot and no one backs up Crawford as a pure SG. So i looked up rosters and came up with the Sonics, Suns,Kings,Cavs,Pacers and Bulls. Each of those teams doesnt have a top offensive PF like Zach and has decent Center and SG players so if any of them wont work let me know im not mentioning financial status for each team. You can throw in any other bench players that would make sense. Note that I picked players in return that are more likely to be traded for Zach.

Sonics- They are overloaded with Centers so what better team to trade with to get a big man? Durant is a tall SF and they have no big man to help offensively in that post, Collison could play a David Lee role...Zach fits...Durant can have a partner in the front court and Westbrook has another weapon to pass to. We can get young Centers in either Sergie Ibaka, Robert Swift, or Mouhamed Sene..all 6'11 and up. And get a guard in Damien Wilkins who shot good against the Knicks last year and averaged 9 ppg, solid backup or if they dont like it get a different SG in young 6'7 Michael Gelabale who averaged 4.3 points in 12 min off the bench.

Suns- Hey Mike D's former team! What better to team to trade with due to the fact that Mike D has a scouting report on every one of them and knows would would best fit? Now Boris Diaw is ok but nothing spectacular at PF..Zach could fit..also the Suns are overloaded with Centers like the Sonics and have good lets get to the ideas. We can look at Centers in either Robin Lopez or my pick Brian Skinner who averaged 1.2 BPG off the bench. And at the SG spot Gorden Giricek who can shoot or young D.J Strawberry who is doing good in Summer league hittin 22 points in his first game, despite a tailbone injury.

Kings- Well the Kings dont have Shareef Abdur Raheem as a dominate player anymore due to his injuries and Artest and Martin are a great back court but no one to help in that post. They are in dire need of an offensive man. They too have a million centers like the Sonics and Suns so lets get to ideas again. Centers can be 6'11 hard working Jason Thompson the biggest shock of the 2008 draft, or 7 foot Spencer Hawes. Guards is tough because the only other SG avalailable is John Slamons who averaged 12 ppg in 31 min so he doesnt seem like a possibility but getting those two centers would do just fine.

Cavs- Lebron is by himself no one to help in that post. Being that the Cavs relied on bench players alot moving some of them could be out of the question. But lets check out the maybe's at SG. Sasha Pavlovic who is a pure shooter who averaged 7 ppg in 23 min last year, Delonte West who averaged 8 ppg in 25 min, and Wally Sczerbs if he plays SG. Centers arent my favorite on this team but here it goes, Anderson Varejo got decet numbers but he might be hard to get so, Dwayne Jones who played only 8 min a game is likely to be let loose for anyone. Jones averaged 1.4 ppg and 2.5 rbpg in those 8 min being 6'11 and 251 pounds.

Pacers- Now i recently turned down an offer from someone on this site to trade for Jamal Tinsely. We need a C and a SG so here it goes being that the Pacers have no top PF and Try Mcmurphy isnt a top guy lets look at the possbilities. David Harrison who averaged over 1 block per game off the bench would fit nicely as a shot blocker or my man Roy Hibbert who i think has alot of upside. At the guard spot the two Rush's, Kareem Rush and Brandon Rush are the only two is see possibly going, Kareem being more likely.

lastly the Bulls- Now the odds of Zach going to Chicago is bery unlikely but lets see if we offered the Bulls something. They get Zach who can make that team perfect with all that talent and the PF spot finally being filled. Rose has a post weapon and Zach can rebound like no other for them. Hes a lot of money bu thats not why i made this thread. The Bulls are loaded with SG's so lets take a look. Shabo Thefolosha or Shannon Brown look like possibilities, even Ben Gordon who they might get rid of. Centers is a question mark because they dont have any good ones..Joakim Noah will probably start so he's out of the trade were left with a man named Aaron Gray and Omer Asik who was drafted from Turkey.

Ok thats it if any of these trades are possible with a give and take let me know. i know that many of them seem unlikely due to cap space but if u can throw in players to even it up go right ahead...skys the limit.