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    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    The Clippers put Zach Randolph "VALUE" out there in the open market.

    All of the NBA teams will look at Zach Randolph with an idea of the Bucks trade and Clippers trade for him.
    At least My-Homey David Lee can walk up to Isiah, Walsh, and D'Antoni and say, "I may not be a Starter here, but I'm worth a 5th Lottery Pick.". LOL

    Donnie Walsh is an "IDIOT", and D'Antoni is a "BIGGER IDIOT" for not bringing this to Walsh attention (after this offer their will be none better.).
    I will laugh my heartout when Zach gets all up in coach D'Antoni's face for taking him out of the game or reducing his playingtime.

    There is no way on this earth that coach D'Antoni can change the NBA view of Zach Randolph in the next two years (2010).

    Zach Randolph is not an uptempo player.
    Marbury, Crawford, Q.Rich, Zach, and Curry, are not uptempo players.
    Just becuase the Clippers offered a 2nd rd pick does not mean that the entire NBA agrees with the value they set. Bottom line is teams that feel they are a 20 and 10 guy away from contention will try to get him for whatever it takes. Everyone knows Zach is worth waaay more than a 2nd rd pick, no matter how much D he doesn't play.

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    trade randolph for someone like Kwyame Brown with a big expiring contract and a couple of picks
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    Originally Posted by jpz17
    trade randolph for someone like Kwyame Brown with a big expiring contract and a couple of picks

    idk about Kawme maybe just cuz his contract is up but he's a dissapointment. Any decent Center is a good move at this point and a pick would help...but a Zach offer can be better with time.
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