So far Donnie Walsh has been making great moves since being hired by the Knicks.

It was wise of Walsh to not let any of the assistant coaches finish out the last 15 games of the season as Head Coach (Hannerty or Herb).
Walsh learned so much watching Isiah coach out the remainder of the season.

It was wise of Walsh to hire a Head Coach who got Fired for not playing defense, to coach a team that could've had more than 23 wins if they played defense.

It was wise of Walsh to hand a 6th lottery pick to a coach who never had any interest in college ball.

It was wise of Walsh to not trade any players on draft night or try to get two picks out of this draft. Plus he did not waste any of owner Dolan money on buying some decent late picks that were for sell.

But Walsh most brilliant move was not trading our 20-10 player which would've took the team out of the high salary cap racket after next season.
Keeping this player who rebounds without jumping and never waste his time scoring downlow when he can dribble out to take a turn around jumper. Plus he can play 40 mpg without ever getting tired because he dont waste foolish energy playing defense. All his teammates luv him the way he gives them time to rest on offense when he gets the ball in his hands.

Walsh is a genious, D'Antoni is the greatest, and Marbury is the best PG in the NBA.

The Clippers made it known that the samething they offered for Camby was the same exact offer for Zach. So stop getting it twisted.
Camby would've refuse to report to the Knicks if he was ever traded to New York again. That's Knick history for those who were Knick-Fans when Camby & Sprewell were Knicks.