Okay so we traded for Richardson during the 2005-06 season, signed Jeffries in the 2006-07 season, drafted Balkman in 2006, Chandler in 2007 and now Gallinari in 2008.

Although Jeffries can play the 3 or 4 and even the 5 depending on the opponent, we still have 5 SF who can make a good case for playing time.

Richardson may still be the starter just because he thrived in this system when in Phoenix and he was one of the few players that cared on defense last season.

Jeffries is interesting because although he's not a good scorer, he has the ability to stretch the defense and rebound. He can cause mismatch problems for a lot of teams with his size and quickness. Not sure how D'Antoni views him though.

Balkman is a high energy guy who I think fits in great with this new system. Every team needs a guy who will throw their bodies around just to get a rebound or block a shot. His intensity should get him playing time alone.

Chandler is the wildcard here. If he has truly progressed from last season and become more smarter in terms of the NBA game, he should probably get good minutes. The skills were already there, all he needed was confidence to reinforce it.

Gallinari is basically a pro being labeled as a rookie. He's played on a high level since he was about 14 and is one of the most NBA ready players in this year's rookie class. His father has ties to our coach and let's not forget he can flat out score. I believe he gets good rookie minutes next season.

Now I ask all of you Knick fans (and haters), who deserves to share the 48 min/gm? Two of these guys will not get any minutes!