Knicks vs Suns
Today on MSG @ 4:00PM ET

The knicks were dissapointing against the Spurs. These games dont mean anything. Im only watchin to see Wilson chandler aka will kill you aka will son you aka dont f*** with me or ill posterize your b*tch ass get the point.

Heres a list of the players who count for the knicks

Wilson chandler
mardy collins
anthony roberson

the rest of the players dont count

Phoenix Suns

10 Justin Cage G/F 6-6 225 Xavier
4 Taquan Dean G 6-4 190 Louisville
Vladimir Golubovic Arizona
12 Jiri Hubalek F/C 6-11 225 Iowa State
14 Ekene Ibekwe F 6-9 220 Maryland
17 Jared Jordan G 6-2 187 Marist
15 Robin Lopez C 7-0 255 Stanford
11 Ivan McFarlin F 6-8 232 Oklahoma State
8 DJ Strawberry G 6-5 201 Maryland
29 Alando Tucker G/F 6-6 205 Wisconsin
2 Marcus Vinicius F 6-8 225 San Carlos (Brazil)
3 Judson Wallace F/C 6-10 220 No College

From the brief research the best players are alando tucker, dj strawberry, and robin lopez.

Ghostface killa
The Champ