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    Default Shoes

    I just bought three pairs of shoes today at Steve and Barry's and it got me wondering, what do you guys wear?

    I'll look to upload some pics myself.
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    Default Back To the Future II Prototype Shoe Nike Hyperdunk

    I found these while surfing around.

    "The one and only original prototype of the Nike shoes Michael J. Fox wore in the movie Back To the Future II. The shoe was designed as a working model, not a practical shoe, although it can be worn. It was worn once to the premiere of the movie in Beaverton, Oregon, and again by Michael J. Fox in Hollywood at a test fitting.

    Back in 1989 I worked in the Nike Sport Research Lab as the Electronics Technician. The original BTF2 shoes for the movie were built by hand in the Nike Sample Room, and I was the one who designed and installed the electronics for them.

    The lights in the side of the midsole and the Nike logo on the ankle strap are electro-luminescent panels, and there is an array of six randomly flashing LEDs on the side of the heel that were never visible in the movie
    They were originally called "Slamball Shoes," and that's what most people called them around Nike. There was supposed to have been a scene in the movie in which Marty plays Slamball, a game like 3D racquetball where the participants wear magnetic shoes which allow them to climb up the walls. That scene was never shot because the cost of building a huge room on gimbals to create the effect was too great."

    See Pics of the Shoes Here

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    yeah Kobe is wearin them, they are goin for thousands on ebay

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    theres already a thread like this
    Damn player-centric usernames straight to hell.

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