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    Unhappy FISA BILL (07/10/2008) (Bye 4th Amendment)

    (Akamu's Shakedown!)
    On July 07, 2008 George Walker Bush signed the FISA BILL. The "Patriot Act Part 1 and 2" along with the "FISA BILL" together completely dismantles The 4th Amendment!

    The Bush Administration tries to lie and say it's to protect us from terrorist. WRONG! Truth is terrorism is MADE UP! AND It takes away a HUGE amount of our rights away. The Government can look at your e-mails, and listen to your phone calls when they please and keep it for their records. PLUS Telephone companies CANNOT BE SUED THEY HAVE IMMUNITY!

    Another thing that's important, the government can send people to your house, plant cameras and audio recorders and leave without a WARRANT! If you watched "Enemy Of The State" Movie, just like that!

    >>>>>>>>>>>>Download FISA BILL (PDF format)<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Official Announcement Of The FISA BILL (George W. Bush Signs FISA Bill):

    Explanation of the FISA BILL:

    Senator Feingold Slams Compromise Bill:

    Barack Obama Flip Flops On FISA Bill Part 1:

    Barack Obama Flip Flops On FISA Bill Part 2:

    Barack Obama - Voted FOR this bill!

    John McCain - DID NOT EVEN VOTE AT ALL! (He could have voted against it but didn't even care!)

    "McCain didn't care enough to cast a vote.

    Think about it. McCain was elected to represent US citizens and wasn't even concerned enough to cast a vote on one of the largest attacks on the constitution ever made."

    Akamu - McCain did not VOTE for this bill so that he didn't look like a jackass but he CLEARLY SUPPORTS IT!

    McCains View On FISA BILL:

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