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agreed but apparently Sabathia either keeps a high velocity or keeps throwing hard some how from being over weight. I heard a baseball analysts say that if Sabathia lost weight that he would lose speed on his pitches. I never heard of fatness making you throw harder but I guess if CC lost weight that he would also lose muscle resulting in a lower velocity.

I think one day that his legs will wear out....hopefully after the 6 year deal we want to sign him for.
I guess in theory it could. Momentum is mass times velocity so the more mass he has the more momentum he has coming off the mound than a lighter person coming off at the same speed. This probably would cause the ball to increase in speed a bit quicker. It all depends on how much body weight you can get behind the ball and with how much power you can push off with. Again, it's all theory and likely could work either way (more mass means getting off the mound slower), but it isn't necessarily not the case. I worry about Sabathia's size too, I hope he doesn't blow out his knee or shoulder if he signs in NY.