I think this thread is long overdue.

*Props goes to MSGKnickz33 for the Crawford Sucks Thread.*

Haterburys and Currysexuals always wanna talk about Marbury, but they don't want wanna say anything about Curry.

I'm about to enlighten all the Haterburys and Currysexuals with some facts.

Eddy Curry is one of the most overrated and one dimensional players I have ever seen. He never plays defense, he never rebounds, and he's always out of shape.

Look at Curry's career averages:
13.5 points, 5.4 rebounds, .7 blocks, .6 assists

What a waste of talent. A 6-11 center with all the tools to dominate is averaging the rebounds that a small forward is expected to average, the blocks that a shooting guard is expected to average, and the assists that a junior varsity high school bench player is expected to average.

Look at Curry's numbers in his final year with the Bulls, and look at his numbers with the Knicks:

<table class="playerStatTable careerAvg" border="1" bordercolor="#cccccc" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="odd"> <td class="yr">04-05</td> <td class="tm">CHI</td> <td>63</td> <td>60</td> <td>28.7</td> <td>0.538</td> <td>0.000</td> <td>0.720</td> <td>1.8</td> <td>3.5</td> <td>5.4</td> <td>0.6</td> <td>0.3</td> <td>0.9</td> <td>2.59</td> <td>3.20</td> <td>16.1</td></tr> <tr class=""> <td class="yr">05-06</td> <td class="tm">NYK</td> <td>72</td> <td>69</td> <td>25.9</td> <td>0.563</td> <td>0.000</td> <td>0.632</td> <td>2.0</td> <td>4.0</td> <td>6.0</td> <td>0.3</td> <td>0.4</td> <td>0.8</td> <td>2.49</td> <td>3.30</td> <td>13.6</td></tr> <tr class="odd"> <td class="yr">06-07</td> <td class="tm">NYK</td> <td>81</td> <td>81</td> <td>35.2</td> <td>0.576</td> <td>1.000</td> <td>0.615</td> <td>2.4</td> <td>4.6</td> <td>7.0</td> <td>0.8</td> <td>0.4</td> <td>0.5</td> <td>3.64</td> <td>3.30</td> <td>19.5</td></tr> <tr class=""> <td class="yr">07-08</td> <td class="tm">NYK</td> <td>59</td> <td>58</td> <td>25.9</td> <td>0.546</td> <td>0.000</td> <td>0.623</td> <td>1.9</td> <td>2.8</td> <td>4.7</td> <td>0.5</td> <td>0.2</td> <td>0.5</td> <td>2.14</td> <td>2.70</td> <td>13.2</td></tr></tbody></table>
Curry obviously doesn't take his job seriously. As you can see, Curry's numbers immediately declined, in his first year with the Knicks.
Isiah Thomas gave Curry a 6 year-60 million dollar extension, and this is what the Knicks get in return-low production.

Haterburys like to point out that Marbury is selfish. Well look at this. Curry was given a 6 year-60 million dollar contract extension by Isiah Thomas(more years than Marbury's contract) and he can't even keep himself in shape.

Let's take a look at Curry's numbers in his so called "breakout season."

Curry's 2006-2007 season stats:
19.5 points, 7 rebounds, .5 blocks, 3.6 To's, .8 assists, .6 steals, 57.6&#37;FT

You see that? Curry got that playing time for nothing. His points per game went up, but his defense was worse than ever, and his turnovers was worse than ever. He also couldn't make any free throws, his passing ability was horrible, and his rebounding was below average, for a player that's a 6-11 starting center and that got 35 minutes per game.

The Eddy Curry Line
Eddy Curry has a line named after him, because he averages more turnovers than assists, blocks, and steals combined.

Here's the numbers:
Curry's combined steals, assists, and blocks: 1.8
Curry's turnovers: 3.6

Curry's combined steals, assists, and blocks: 1.2
Curry's turnovers: 2.14

2007-2008 season
Just when you thought Curry was finally going to get in shape, he actually gains weight over the summer.

Curry's 2007-2008 stats:
13.2 points, 4.7 rebounds, .5 blocks, .5 assists, .2 steals

That's pathetic, for a 6-11 starting NBA center.

The New York Liberty's Janel McCarville is 6-2, and she averages 5.5 rebounds. That shows how sad Curry is. Centers in the WNBA who are 9 inches shorter than him average more rebounds than him.

Eddy Curry needs to go. He's obviously not serious about basketball.
If he was serious about basketball, he would've used his contract extension, Isiah Thomas' support, the team's support, and his 19.5 ppg season as a motivation to get better. Instead, he gets fat, and his game becomes worse than ever.

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