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Just because someone does not agree with you does not mean they do not understand the process of evolution.

I know you believe you are the smartest person alive, but try not to take yourself too seriously.
From your previous posts, it's obvious you don't understand the process of evolution. You think evolution is a species suddenly mutating into a new species.

Your above post is from a creationist's website, correct? Whoever wrote that doesn't understand the process of evolution either. All of the examples are not evidence of a designer. The quotes paint a picture of our senses and brain perfectly designed for their function. When that is not the case at all. There are numerous flaws and imperfections, suggesting an imperfect "design" and essentially more along the lines of adaptation to the enivironment. Hence, evolution.

But your theory as to why we have imperfections and vestigial structures is because Adam and Eve f*cked up and ate the fruit that a snake told them to. They were perfect and God is punishing us for their mistakes, so therefore we are not perfect.


Plus, I've proven to you that it is impossible for 2 individuals of one species to sustain a viable population through sexual reproduction. So, there goes the Adam and Eve story. And the Noah's Arc story as well. But to you, God decided to change the rules at some point.


Plus, you seem to think the bible is the oldest written text and our only relevant history beyond 5,000 years . Which is untrue as well.

So many holes. And these are the bases for your religion. Like my first post. There is more proof of evolution than there is of God.