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What you fail to take into account is, these are comparisons to primate and other animal life on earth.
This is not just about how we are designed ourselves. No other animal is history has comparable brain power to humans. From that standpoint, it appears that we were specially designed is the point. Especially since evolution says we came from monkeys. No monkey has the brain capacity of a human. So how could we evolve from them logically?

In fact, I posted in the evolution thread about two of your found missing links . A scientists said if your africanus monkey was around it would be in the ZOO! It would not be in the workplace, not conducting the rides at six flags.. It would be.. BEHIND BARS IN A ZOO! LIKE A MODERN PRIMATE!

You said, that is our ancestor. Not all scientists agree.
We didn't evolve from the monkeys existing today. We both had a common ancestor, and diverted into two different species. A chimpanzee's DNA is 98.75% identical to ours.

I'm confused as to your understanding of evolution. Could you explain? Because it's obvious that Australopithecus would not be considered human. In fact everything in that Evolution thread you posted does not refute evolution in any way. Actually, in many ways it refutes your faith.

But again, I can't trust your continued quotes from creationist's websites. They are deceitful. If you copy and paste a statement from a creationist website that says "scientists can't agree on evolution", how am I supposed to trust that? I've already proven to you how dishonest they are. Post the link to the actual journal article and I will read it for myself. Otherwise, stop with the false quotes from scientists.

Gen 9:
28 And Noah continued to live three hundred and fifty years after the deluge. 29 So all the days of Noah amounted to nine hundred and fifty years and he died.

Can you imagine how much healthier the patriarchs were compared to us? Noah dies at 950, you will die likely around 70 if the system lasted long enough.

One of Adam’s sons was Cain, and one of Adam’s daughters must have become Cain’s wife. At that time in human history when humans still had outstanding physical health and vitality, as indicated by the length of their lives, the likelihood of passing on defects as a result of marrying a close relative was not great. After some 2,500 years of human history, however, when mankind’s physical condition had greatly deteriorated, Jehovah gave to Israel laws forbidding incest

This shows Jehovah's wisdom in two ways. He knew that the patriarchs would be healthy enough to spawn mankind, but also knew eventually this would be a detriment to mankind, as we clearly know now for a fact.
Hahaha! So they were extremely healthy?!? That's your answer!! That's the biggest bullsh*t you've come up with to date. And you've said a lot of bull sh*t. Did you just make that up, or does the bible actally say this. If it does, then that is another falsehood of the bible.

Your overall health has nothing to do with the ability to avoid genetic diseases from interbreeding. And still, your religion is based on incest. That is disgusting. And by the way, history has shown that we are living longer than our ancestors.

Yet we can't even get all the brilliant minds of science to agree on evolution. And you tell me, it's a fact?
If that is your basis for refuting evolution then you must refute christianity. Because we can't get all of the christians or great religious scholars to agree on anything either.