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    Default 50 Cent + G-Unit Smash! (Feat. The Game)

    Alrigh, I personally like maybe 3 or 4 of 50 cent's songs, but his lyrics are trashy and I don't like him or his group G-Unot as individuals, I'm also not from the west coast but this is not about east or west, psh! let the smashing begin!.....G-g-g-g-g-g-g-G UNOT!!

    The Game - Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin (_1_):

    The Game - Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin (_2_):

    The Game - Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin (_3_):

    The Game - Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin (_4_):

    <<<< [Music Video Diss's]: >>>>

    The game- lay low:

    The Game-My Bitch (Dissing 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Suge Knight):

    The Game - Kingdom Blood (Dissin 50 cent & Jay-Z):

    The Game-Down (G-UNIT diss):

    The game we are the champions (g unit diss):

    Hate it or Love it (G-Unot Remix):

    <<<< Watch these 3 in order: >>>>

    1 - Young Buck Dissing 50 Cent and G-Unit:

    2 - Young Buck Crying and Begging 50 Cent:

    3 - Young Buck Crying Parody:

    Btw 50 Cent supports George W. Bush!
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    lmao....i got the stop snitchin stop lyin dvd. That **** is is a funny dude. Hes not a bad rapper compared to everyone else now. Im coppin LAX when it drops...i dont like 50 banks and yayo but i listen to their music. That new g-unit cd just makes me laugh when i listen to it...some of the things that yayo says is hilarious. I listen to the new **** but of course i realize that new school aint got **** on the old school. I go as far back as grandmaster flash and the furious five...there really aint much i dont listen to. I like lil wayne even though the sizzurp has destroyed him...he was actually a good rapper up until last year. The carter 3 mixtape was better then the album in my opinion.

    Why does the game always diss jay-z?

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    The Game is actually a cool dude i thought he was an ******* at first...dude is funny as hell that first vid was good. Agreed wit Akamu, 50 has like 2 maybe 3 songs worth listenin to. All that fool raps about is himself n sex/fantasies...Tupac n Biggie would make 50 cent incognito if they were still alive. 50 would be one of those rappers that is featured in one song in an album and then you never hear him again. I was surprised to know that "In da Club" was Dre's beat that 50 took. Dre would of torn that song inside out. FUK 50 i wana see the Game and him meet up and have a battle...i think The Game has an arsenal lined up for 50, lyrically.
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