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It was stupid and most of all ignorant.
Plus out of place for an international Chinese Player to say to the Press about something that happen 4 years ago.
There is no justification or apologies that can be made about Yao personal feelings towards Artest.

The Rockets did three times better last season without Yao on the team.
Players like Scola, Battier, Mutombo, and Hayes stepped up their effort in the frontcourt, while Alston, Jackson, Wells, and T-Mac picked up the speed in their transition game without Yao half-court game slowing things down.
I beleive the Rockets went on a 17 game winning streak without Yao.
Would it been apropriate for Ron Artest to bring that up to the press?
What do you mean it is out of place for an international player to talk about what happened 4 years ago? So are you saying if T-mac talked about it, it would be ok? International players aren't allowed to talk about past embarrassing basketball events?

And why does Yao have to apologize how he feels about Artest? Artest isn't even a rocket yet. He obviously is leary about him and he has every reason to feel that way.

And so what if Artest brought up the rockets performance without Yao. Yao didn't talk about Artest's skill or talent. He talked about his attitude. I rather Artest bring that up then what he said.