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    Default Josh Smith

    By Sekou K Smith | Saturday, July 26, 2008, 10:11 AM
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    There are at least two, blockbuster sign-and-trade proposals the Hawks are chewing on regarding Smith (one from a Western Conference power and the other from an Eastern Conference big dog) that could dramatically change the landscape in Hawksville.
    It's been reported that Detroit is not the Eastern Conference big dog that has made an offer. They're interested, but haven't made an offer yet. I wonder which team it is? Cleveland, maybe? It wouldn't be Philly, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, or Orlando.

    Atlanta management is so cheap. They have the makings of a great young team, but will let it slip away because they are too cheap.

    I wonder if Donnie is thinking of a sign-and-trade offer. David Lee plus some others to make it work?

    Josh Smith would fit nicely in D'Antnoi's sytem. Chandler at SF and Smith at PF would be impressive.
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