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    Default Jay-Z Smash (Feat. Prodigy)

    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    lmao....i got the stop snitchin stop lyin dvd. That **** is is a funny dude. Hes not a bad rapper compared to everyone else now. Im coppin LAX when it drops...i dont like 50 banks and yayo but i listen to their music. That new g-unit cd just makes me laugh when i listen to it...some of the things that yayo says is hilarious. I listen to the new **** but of course i realize that new school aint got **** on the old school. I go as far back as grandmaster flash and the furious five...there really aint much i dont listen to. I like lil wayne even though the sizzurp has destroyed him...he was actually a good rapper up until last year. The carter 3 mixtape was better then the album in my opinion.

    Why does the game always diss jay-z?
    Probably because Jay-z is a snitch/snitch supporter, and steals lyrics from other rappers/hip hop artists.

    Just like 50 Cent I like some of jay-z's songs but do not like him as an individual. He has more songs that I like and still listen too, but he's not real with people and I don't like fake people like him.

    Why do I dislike Jay-Z?:

    /_1_) He calls himself Hova...meaning he thinks he's God. That's blasphemy.

    /_2_) He takes a lot of Biggie Smalls lyrics as well as other people's lyrics, and uses them as his own, word for word.

    Jay-Z Stealing Lyrics Proof:

    /_3_) Jay-Z is a freemason, he pretty much proves this, and if you do not know what a freemason is, check my archive thread (I will add the videos and stuff on them later.) I think Kayne West is a freemason too.

    Nas is shown throwing up the sign Jay-Z uses, and he also practiced blasphemy in the "Hate me now" video showing him on the cross like he was Jesus, and he he had a "pharaoh" on the cover of one of his albums, well he actually WAS the pharaoh on the cover.

    I'm still not sure about Nas, I listen to his songs and he knows about freemasons/illuminati, and sometimes I think he might be against it now, mixed thoughts on him.

    (Look at the eye in the middle, that is the "All Seeing Eye")


    David Rockefeller and Jay-Z Rocafella connection:

    Occult Secrets of Jay Z, Kanye & Nas:

    Freemasonry in the music industry:

    Illuminati and N.W.O in music (Jay-Z Aint the Only one!):

    Jay Z Exposed As Servant of Antichrist-Truth Behind Hip Hop:

    Another reason why I do not like Jamal Crawford: (The End)

    If Jay-Z told Jamal to bend over I'm 99% sure that he wouldn't think twice about it.

    [My man Prodigy saying it best:]

    Prodigy disses Jay-Z:

    Also check out "De-Haven's" Website, Jay-Z's right hand man exposing him. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Music Videos:]

    Nas - Ether:

    Jay-Z Crying On Hot97 After Hearing Ether!! Nas WON:

    Nas - Got Yourself a Gun:
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    I did some studyin a lil while back on free masons and the new world order. Im not a big fan of jay-z as a person either....i realize i shouldnt hate him because he does give back to the hood and he tried to help the water crisis in africa. I think as a person hes not very humble...especially before nas dropped ether. He was throwin sublimals at rappers startin **** for no reason. I think hes an ******* that cares more about making money for himself then helpin other rappers....hes part of the reason why hip hop is dead. Rappers like 50 cent and jay-z who have power need to collaborate more often with rappers like jadakiss, styles, ghostface. Thats how it was in the 90's.

    Prodigys always talkin **** about jay-z. He said "he'll always be gay-z to me"

    You like prodigy akamu? Hes one of my favorites...I even like his new **** even though prodigy from infamous/hell on earth/murda muzik/hnic>>>

    Rakim refers to himself as the god a christian im willing to let rakim get away with that because he really is one of the best ever. Although i dont like jay-z he is one of the greatest...but definitly not top 3. In my opinion thats owned by rakim, nas, and tupac. Ive done alotta studying on polls from other websites and thats what most of them come down to. Basically what im sayin is jay-z is great but if your not rakim, nas, or 2pac....dont call yourself the god mc. No disrespect but obviously pac cant call himself the other 2 get a pass from me.

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    Prodigy is the man, he is mad real like the game and I like people like that.

    Jay-Z has some good songs that I like, but like the evidence states, he takes a lot from other people. Himself as an individual really get's to me. Jay-Z just thinks he's god himself, that's why he wants every-1 to call him Hova, which basically means your God.

    Seriously though this dude is a freemason, there's a ton of evidence, he wouldn't do the hand eye symbol for nothing. He's just part of the occult like other major stars in the world.

    -Hand symbols?
    -His lyrics?
    -Strange hand Shakes?
    -Subliminal messages?

    He's mason for sure. If you don't know by know, Freemasons / the Illuminati recruits people with major influence and power, and their intentions are to shape and control the world.

    About that water thing, I dunno about that, because the UN (united nations) is a very corrupt itself. Jay-Z want's to help "Raise Awareness" about the water crisis? does that help? That does not sound like a solution. They could be using him also.

    It's possible he might really want to help, he's just not doing it in the correct way, he's doing what the UN proposed I believe. He has to put his foot down and say ok HERE IS WHAT WE SHOULD DO TO FIX THIS! Not...oh I'll jus donate to "water awareness" ...I mean wtf be real man-

    Awareness Definition: -
    Having knowledge; conscious; cognizant: aware of danger.
    2.) Informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated: She is one of the most politically aware young women around.

    A problem like that needs an immediate solution.
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