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    I know about you all, but watching that denver game, was like watching the nuggets participate in pre-game shooting drills. Everytime down the floor the nuggets got a wide open shot. Every time!!! It didn't matter who they put in the defense stunk. I don't understand where the defensive intensity went from a few weeks ago. Everyone is blaming the funk on the loss of vanhorn, which is crap, because vanhorn wasn't a defensive presence either. What is going!

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    I don't know what it is. But we have to look at the teams that the Knicks have played. With the exception of Phoenix, all the teams the Knicks played on the west coast trip would have been playoff contenders if they played in the east. These were no crappy teams that beat us and not the teams you want to play while guys are learning the system. We need to see how the Knicks respond in the next few games.

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