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    Default Where can I find Knicks games of this year?

    yall know I'm from Hungary and here is a really bad situation in connection wit watching NBA games in my country.
    I'm tryin to get Knicks games in avi and mpg though from the net.

    So if anyone can help me I would thank it!
    If anyone is capping games from the TV please let me know or give me a site or something so I can get videos or games.

    I'm the greatest Starbury fan of my country & am pround of it!!!

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    Igen baszmeg

    dude, i've got the same problem. it's been about 2 or 3 years since i last saw a live game, i think it was the 5th game from the 01 playoffs against the raptors
    maybe you can search with mIRC or kazaa

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