Isiah Thomas proved to be the worst G.M. in "trade for trade" of NBA players the last 5 seasons.
Is that true?
The MLE is mostly used to get that missing player that is needed as a 6th to 8th man off the bench to boost the rotation into winning.
Did Isiah strike-out twice on the MLE signings?

I never liked or understood how so many members could fall for the first interview of the Knicks new President of Operations "the 2010 plan".
It sounded to much like Isiah Thomas theory of getting rid of all the Laydumb players. Which turned out to be a foolish move when coach Chaney had great defensive chemistry from seven (7) of the Laydumb players which kept would have had a .500 season.

Donnie Walsh 2010 plan should've been "The Isiah Thomas no chemistry players must go plan". Starting with the Knicks starting-5 for the last 3 seasons.
That would have excited and insured Knick-Fans the president is working on "teamship" to win games rather than the last 4 years of "individual-players" which produce more team losses than wins.

The Knicks do not need a "2010 Plan", the Knicks just needed a bigger coaching-staff that will have confidence in the head coach.
And a G.M. that is familiar to all the certain types of winning-players in the NBA to trade for. The players does not have to be a scorer, or a short contract player. Just a player that will put 110% performance on the court each game.

I asked constantly for the last 4 months how will this 2010 plan will help this Knick Team? and all I get back is the FA list in 2010.
When you look at all the Knick players that contract goes past the 2010 season, if one or two of those players are still on the Knicks I doubt if any of the 2010 FA would want to play alongside of them no matter how well they improve their performance in two seasons under coach D'Antoni.

1) Did coach D'Antoni need at least two defensive coaches on his staff in Phoenix?

2) Did the Knicks performance in the 2007-8 season lack defensive strategy which would have stopped all the blow-outs and win more games?

Your opinion is needed?