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    Default Bad news guys

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    Got a concerning email from Italy....and, no, it wasn't from Stephon.

    Danilo Gallinari's back still isn't 100 percent and now, with two weeks to go before training camp opens, the Knicks are starting to get concerned.

    You may remember I shot down early speculation that Gallinari's back would be a long-term issue or was an example of him being fragile.

    To that I say maybe I was wrong.

    And fallibility is sexy, baby.

    And early on we may be seeing more of Gallinari in his Armani suits than in his No. 8 jersey.

    Gallo's not yet here in New York [bloghost note: Can someone explain why he hasn't he been here getting treatment since he left the Italian national team????] but he's expected to arrive sometime within the week to get settled in New York and prepare for camp, which opens Sept. 30 in Saratoga Springs.

    If Gallinari is still experiencing pain in the back -- it's really more related to his hamstrings and hips -- I would be surprised if the Knicks would allow him to play through it.

    But, on the bright side, Jerome James will have someone to hang with at courtside while the rest of the team is practicing.

    Gallo took a beating in his first -- and only -- NBA Summer League game. He went up against Robert Traylor and the Tractor laid him out a few too many times.
    This is not good!!!!
    WTF - training camp is 2 weeks away and his back is still not right...
    F*ck man - the knicks always have bad luck.
    Where there is hope, there can be faith
    Where there is faith, miracles can occur

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    I loved this draft pick when they made it because I think he has many of the skills the Knicks need at SF.

    I loved his second half performance in summer league.

    However, the more research I do about his overall game and the more I hear about the injury, the more worried I get that we made a mistake (perhaps a big one). I hope I am wrong.

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    Default Email?? From whom?

    There is not much detail in the report. Hahn gets an email from Italy? From whom? I do not think any one's back is ever 100%.

    Lets not get too excited and down on Danilo until there is some detail from a source that is at least identified.

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    Sounds like Tractor traylor really beat up and bruised the big ****. Thats not good that hes still hurt, i remember hearing about his possible growth problem. My **** has no problem growing

    Sorry, had to say it. But its too early to get real worried about this. If he misses a month or 2, big deal. As long as hes eventually playing and developing his game this year. Its not like hes likely to get big minutes right away anyways. We're not going far this year so i dont care...

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    He should be back at 100% at the start of the season. If not......well......problems will occur.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    I just hope he is 100% by when the season starts its only like a month away

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