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That's not true. Keyon Dooling can guard point guards and shooting guards. Tyronn Lue is not a great defender, but he's a solid 3 point shooter, which makes him a perfect fit for D'Antoni's run and gun system. Dooling was given a 3.3 million dollar a year contract, and Tyronn Lue was given a 2 million dollar a year contract. Duhon makes 6 million per year. Dooling shot 46.8% from the field, last year, and Tyronn Lue shot 44.7% from the field, last year.
I think Duhon rates better over Tyronne Lue, Dooling however is said to possibly develope into a solid defender, but as of right now and the next two years, Duhon makes more sense. If your looking for straight offense Dooling would be the answer. The main difference is that Duhon is known as a pass first floor general were Dooling is known to make bad decision on the court. Awarness is their big difference. In the future i think Dooling can develope into a better player but for a two year deal, Duhon is a better move.