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Memphis and Randolph: At first you hear the Memphis Grizzlies and rumors that they have interest in Zach Randolph, and it's easy to dismiss. Come on there is no way you saddle a young team and a young coach with the "Black Hole" of basketball - the ball goes in, and it never comes out. Then you listen to the logic from sources in Memphis and you wonder are the Grizz really willing to make the leap? The logic behind the Zach Randolph to Memphis rumors is simply trading bad for bad. If the Grizzlies can get New York to take on some of Memphis' unwanted contracts, then it's worth looking at. The rumor as it stands is Memphis would assume the remaining three years and $43.9 million on Zach's deal, with a 2008-2009 salary of just under $14.7 million. If the Grizz could send out the final two years and $14.5 million owed to Darko Milicic and the final two years and $18.7 owed to Antoine Walker, it seems like that's what Memphis is looking at. Marko Jaric's boat anchor of a deal could easily be subbed in for Walker, because you can argue that Walker's contract, which is the highest on the team is the best deal, as the final year is a non-guaranteed year. Why Zach? Let's face it, he can still play and play at a very high level. If you talk with people in Portland, almost everyone says Zach is a follower, he is going to go with the crowd, and the young guys in Memphis might be just the right catalyst to get the most out of Zach, hence the discussion. The Grizzlies are not going to do New York any favors, but Zach's deal is a three-year deal, putting the Knicks on the hook for more than $17 million into 2011, which is not where they want to be. Memphis on the other hand even with Zach in town, still look to have plenty of cap space regardless as Zach would be the only really big deal the team holds, and then you factor in the trade value of an ending $17 million deal, and Memphis could be in a good place – if Zach doesn't poison the team. Everyone who has played with Zach loves him, so as a team mate it's an easy move, but from a basketball perspective there is some risk, and that's why there has not been a deal, but it's not farfetched to believe the Grizzlies are pondering it, sources close to the club were adamant not to dismiss the notion, as they say it's being discussed.

So it looks like Memphis wants us to take on 2 bad contracts for Z-Bo but Walsh will try to pull one of Memphis' young, upcoming PGs as well or if we are f#ckin' lucky maybe OJ lol

Darko has 2 more yrs on his contract $7 mil in 08/09 and $7.5mil in 09/10
Walker has 2 more yrs on his contract $9mil in 08/09 and a team option to send him to Free Agency in 09/10 paying him $10 mil.