How do you begin to talk about Patrick Ewing as a Knick fan? Patrick Ewing is the one of the Greatest Players ever to pick up a basketball, and is The Greatest Knick ever! There has never been a greater warrior in The NBA (and perhaps even sports) than Patrick Ewing. The negative critics are going to point out that he never won a Championship. But the truth is he played a majority of carreer during The Bulls Dynasty and a healthy Patrick Ewing on our 99 squad certainley could have blocked the Spurs first Title. Pat couldve signed with The Spurs in 2003 to have given himself a shot at the ring like Malone and Payton did with The Lakers or like Barkley did with The Rockets, but Pat had too much integrity for that so he gave up the game when he could no longer offer it anything anymore. Patrick Ewing was a one of a kind player it was a honor to cheer for him!

Here are some of my favorite Ewing moments

1997 against The Bucks Charlie Ward throws an alley oop to Pat who is bumped in mid air. Patrick comes crashing down on his wrist breaking it, but still stands up and shoots two free throws with his non shooting hand! That to me showed that Warrior spirit that Pat had and the Knicks havent had since he left

1994 NBA All Star game: Pat is out voted by the fans by Rookie Phenom Shaq Oneil meaning he will not be starting for the East for the first time in about five seasons. Patrick took the demotion well, aknowledged the passing of the guard, but, would have the last laugh as he knocks down a jumper to send the game into OT off a kick out from MJ.

1995 Game 7 at home against the Pacers: We had blown a big lead in that game (a trait that has never left The Knicks) and we were down one after Dale Davis scored on a dunk. All I can remember thinking was "this game is lost" "we just lost to 7th seeded". As you know on the next play John Starks catches the ball on the wing and drives the basket and misses the Lay Up and from out of no where comes Patrick with the go ahead put back dunk that sent us to The Finals. That game was on a Sunday, I had school the next day, and I still stayed up until 4 am watching The Game all over like I didnt know how it ended! Pat just was not going to be denied and for all Miller's choke signals and trash talk and as good as he was that series his team was not good enough to break Pat's will!

Anyways this is not the half as to what could be said about Pat, this is just the begining so please sound off!