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    Eh im still not crazy about this...because im sure he knew all his flaws before 2...i mean c mon you cant tell me he dirint bother 2 open a newspaper up one day or go on online and check out some knick blogs...this article is just telling me that he wants to let the fans know that he knows his flaws...i like it cuase well atleast hes actually admiting he has these flaws...most players read this and dissagree cause well WE are not the ones playing...but then again i dont expect anything much 2 change ...i mean im sure he been known about his poor shot selection and defense im pretty sure he HAS practiced on its not like all this is new 2 him...well i dont know ill see how it goes hopefully hes working EXTRA hard this summer because well i play basketball i know my flaws i try 2 make myself better at these things but its not that i always decide 2 pass the ball in the wrong situations like i see A EASY good pass i studder and pass it at the wrong time now i know how 2 do tall these passes i can pass it where ever i want if theres a opening and i see these but never do...i dotn know its maybe a mental thing? i think crawfords shot selection has something 2 do with his mentality even if he practices on not 2 shoot poor shots when it comes 2 the game practice wont mean much...i dont know im just saying...dont expect 2 much...

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    Man, you guys are some the softest fans up to date right falling for this bullsh*t apology letter by Crawford.

    Crawford is from the University of Isiahsexuals...all that kid could do now is make up excuses for the public for his bad decisions.

    Crawford needs to go officially end the Isiah era. He's a C+ level SG, we need a B level SG to stay competitive with other teams.

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    If i knew how to hack i would destroy crawfords blog. Anyone who supports him sukks dikk just like him. **** outta here maggots

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    If he doesn't change around his game a little bit you can see him in a new uniform. Walsh and D'Antoni won't stand for his dumb shots.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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    He better. I don't remember must of last season now. But looking a some stats (i forgot whether he guarded SG's or PG's) he was not doing his job last year on D. Matter a fact he was not scoring enough for what he was doing. I would be fine with Crawford not playing D if he was able to consistently score 25+ points on a given night....I Think if he drove the lane more and got more fouls he would be able to.

    On Court / Off Court stats
    Many stats are shown on a 'per 48 minute' basis
    <table bgcolor="#cccccc" border="0" cellspacing="1" width="500"><tbody><tr bgcolor="#33cc33"> <td><center>Stat</center></td> <td><center>ON Court</center></td> <td><center>OFF Court</center></td> <td><center>Net</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Minutes</center></td> <td><center> 3188 </center></td> <td><center> 786 </center></td> <td><center> 80%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#e5e5e5"> <td><center>Offense: Pts per 100 Poss.</center></td> <td><center> 106.6</center></td> <td><center> 99.8</center></td> <td><center> +6.8</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#e5e5e5"> <td><center>Defense: Pts per 100 Poss.</center></td> <td><center> 113.4</center></td> <td><center> 112.4</center></td> <td><center> +1.0</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#99ff99"> <td><center>Net Points per 100 Possessions</center></td> <td><center> -6.8</center></td> <td><center> -12.6</center></td> <td><center> +5.8</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Points Scored</center></td> <td><center>6483</center></td> <td><center>1465</center></td> <td><center>+5018</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Points Allowed</center></td> <td><center>6831</center></td> <td><center>1659</center></td> <td><center>+5172</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffff99"> <td><center>Net Points</center></td> <td><center>-348</center></td> <td><center>-194</center></td> <td><center>-154</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Effective FG%</center></td> <td><center> 48.3%</center></td> <td><center> 44.5%</center></td> <td><center> +3.8%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Effective FG% Allowed</center></td> <td><center> 51.9%</center></td> <td><center> 51.5%</center></td> <td><center> +0.3%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Assisted Field Goals</center></td> <td><center> 52%</center></td> <td><center> 48%</center></td> <td><center> +4%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Assisted FG% Allowed</center></td> <td><center> 55%</center></td> <td><center> 54%</center></td> <td><center> +1%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Own Shots Blocked</center></td> <td><center> 6%</center></td> <td><center> 6%</center></td> <td><center> +0%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Shots Blocked</center></td> <td><center> 2%</center></td> <td><center> 4%</center></td> <td><center> -2%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td colspan="4">Rebounding</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Offensive Rebounding</center></td> <td><center> 30.4%</center></td> <td><center> 32.0%</center></td> <td><center> -1.6%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Defensive Rebounding</center></td> <td><center> 71.6%</center></td> <td><center> 68.1%</center></td> <td><center> +3.5%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Total Rebounding</center></td> <td><center>51.0%</center></td> <td><center>50.1%</center></td> <td><center> +1.0%</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td colspan="4">Stats</td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Free Throws Made</center></td> <td><center> 19 </center></td> <td><center> 15 </center></td> <td><center> +4</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Free Throws Attempted</center></td> <td><center> 25 </center></td> <td><center> 23 </center></td> <td><center> +2</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Free Throws Made by Opp.</center></td> <td><center> 18 </center></td> <td><center> 19 </center></td> <td><center> +1</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Free Throws Attempted by Opp.</center></td> <td><center> 24 </center></td> <td><center> 26 </center></td> <td><center> +2</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Turnovers, on Offense</center></td> <td><center> 14 </center></td> <td><center> 14 </center></td> <td><center> +0</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Turnovers, on Defense</center></td> <td><center> 12 </center></td> <td><center> 14 </center></td> <td><center> -2</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Net Turnovers</center></td> <td><center>-2 </center></td> <td><center> 0 </center></td> <td><center> +2</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Fouls Committed</center></td> <td><center> 20 </center></td> <td><center> 22 </center></td> <td><center> +2</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Fouls, Drawn</center></td> <td><center> 20 </center></td> <td><center> 19 </center></td> <td><center> +1</center></td> </tr> <tr bgcolor="#ffffff"> <td><center>Net Fouls</center></td> <td><center> 0 </center></td> <td><center>-3 </center></td> <td><center> -3</center></td></tr></tbody></table>

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