Jamal is a pretty good blogger. If you haven't seen his latest, JC gives his thoughts on each Knick player. It me kind of revealing to hear that a few players weren't even mentioned by him. Maybe the roster is set now?

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It feels good to be here in NY with the guys again. We've been working out real hard and getting up and down the court. Some guys are looking really good and in shape. We’re all still getting use to the new style of play but it will be fun and exciting for you guys to watch....

Just doing some of the things that we work on in drills, it will be tough to stop us once we start playing because the floor is so spaced and there so many different options....

So let me give you guys an update on what I’ve seen so far out of the guys who have been involved in the workouts:

Wilson Chandler: Wilson has gotten a lot better from last year! His range has improved -- his ball handling and his athleticism was always there…I think he's just more confident then anything now and it's showing. I think he'll have a really good year for us!

Danilo Gallinari: “Gallo” is still banged up a little bit,..so he's just been shooting and riding the bike...but this kid is very VERY confident!! He listens, works hard and wants to get better. Some of you guys may have booed him when we drafted him, but he is going to be a big time player for us one day!

Allan Houston: He’s back and looks a lot healthier than he did in his last comeback attempt last season...I think he may have rushed that one a little bit, but he looks a lot better this time! AND of course we all know his jumper is razor sharp!!!!!!! I can learn a lot watching him.

David Lee: We all know David's game by now - all out hustle, rebounds. The thing that will surprise you most is his jumper! He shooting it with so much confidence, I mean even three pointers! He shot one and I said to myself, "No way." And it went straight in.

Chris Duhon: Very solid, very unselfish. Can run a team. Makes good decisions, I'm going to like playing with him!

Nate Robinson: Still a blur. Shooting great and should be a great fit in this system, a la Barbosa! His athleticism still amazes me...
Working on his jumper
Pat Ewing Jr: Very athletic. but has been shooting it pretty good. Can block shots, something we really need!

Jared Jeffries: Jared really knows how to play, He's a smart player. He does all the little things to help teams win. I think he'll go back to the Jared he was in Washington.

Q Rich: He’s really stepping up as one of the leaders. Seems rejuvenated. Working on his handle, He'll play like he did in Phoenix.

Mardy: Lost some weight, so he's moving better. Very smart, really good defender!

Anthony Roberson: Has been a lil banged up, but when he shoots he rarely misses! One of the best shooters on the team. He plays like Eddie House but with a better handle!

Eddy Curry: It will be a transition for him at first because he's used to posting up. But he'll be on the perimeter a lil bit more....he'll get better adapted to the system the more he does it...but we need him...

Zach Randolph: Zach loves to play and he's been scoring and rebounding, doing his thing. Him and Eddy have had some nice match-ups. They look better on opposite teams…(hahahah, just playing! I knew that would get a rise outta you guys!) I don't know what's gonna happen with all the trade talk and everything, but its good to see that, either way, he's not letting it affect him.

Danny Grunfeld: Ernie’s son. To be respectfully honest, he doesn't look like he can really play -- until you give him some space and he's hitting a jumper on you! But it's the quiet ones that get you...

Me: This will be very fun for me, This system is so wide open, so spaced! First day, I was aggressive offensively and making things happen. The next day I shot only three times in eight games, just to work on something different that day. I didn't play today, just rode the bike and did core. My back is a little sore (nothing serious!). I’ll be back on the court tomorrow.