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Easy on all the man crushes on ABCD and Metro. (We all know its a toss about between the 5'7 Kiya "Summer League" Man and the clever ten word responses of JPZ for poster of the year)Can you go a post without name dropping Metros name. Do you really need his approval that badly?

You still didn't answer my question that i wrote above.

Off topic but Paul is there anything about this team your not optimistic about. You post as if we've been a 50 win team the last five seasons. You think Marbury is in the best shape of his life and is going to have a breakout year. You think Randolph will have a monster year to up his trade value. You think Gallo is the greatest thing from Italy since pizza. You think Donnie Walsh and D'Antoni will win coach an executive of the year this season. Come on Paul be a Knicks fan post something negitive. Even if we were winning 50 games most of us would find something negitive to say.
I refuse to answer your question. lol @ you bringin up me saying metros name, you bring up "Starbury" in every post of yours. Your always the one instigating it...and your always the one that ends up with a loss. You have admitted to hating marbury which makes everything you say about him invalid. Thats why i dont even respond to all your posts anymore, every post of yours is aimed at marbury in a negative way. You can find faults with any player on this team, but to me the faults of the losing 3 (Curry, Randolph, and Crawford) stand out the most.