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    So was the new head coach supposed to blast the players hes about to start coaching?

    Kiya you gotta stop speculating about D'Antoni's rotation when the team hasn't even played a preseason game yet. Even if Gallanari is 100% healthy atleast until January he probably won't play more then 12 minutes a night. He's a 19 year old rookie, theres going to be a learning curve. Chandler if he plays like we all expect is going to play 30 plus minutes a night no problem, so yet again your arguement is lame.

    Also if you've ever watched Phoenix play you would know he doesn't follow the protypical position placement that many other teams do. You could easily see a front court of Jefferies, Gallo, Chandler at the same time.

    Chandler will player the PF and the SF
    Gallo will do the same and possibly even play the C in small spurts
    Jeffires will play all front court spots
    Q will play the PF, SF, and SG

    Its not your typical brand of basketball, there will be minutes for all. Also D'Antoni has no prior relationship with any of these players and he wasn't responsible for bringing any of them in so he should have no problem completely benching a player if he doesn't think he deserves the minutes.

    IF Jefferies plays like he did in Washington he will fit in the system.
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