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    Originally Posted by Toons
    just because u seen balkman dunk on fast breaks dosent mean ****, he cant finish a layup. he cant hit a 5-10 footer, he airballed several free throws n laughed about it....jefferies can hit a jumper more consistantly than balkman....jefferies is better offensively and defensively than balkman, and he's 6'10
    Jefferies was the worst offensive player on the Knicks the last two seasons, and his defensive preformance was terrible compared to expectations.

    Balkman was clutch his first season and wasn't awarded his opportunity the second season by Isiah.

    Balkman's defense in his rookie year > Jefferies D his whole career.

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    Coach Dantoni is in a fantasy land in this interview for not bringing up the Knick Starting PG-Marbury in the 2008-9 season.

    Do Dantoni think that owner Dolan is going to just kick-out $16 to $21 million dollars so Marbury could go to a veteran lead team in his Conference or Division to score 30 to 50 points on the Knicks everytime they meet. Especially on a no-defensive coach like Dantoni.

    Owner Dolan may not know a damn thing about B-Ball in the NBA, but he is a Money Wise Bussinesman with plenty advisors, and $21 million dollars is not something you give away for nothing to your competitors.

    So far the hiring of President Donnie Walsh and his interview Friday, where he admitted he did nothing this offseason for the rebuilding of this 23 win Knick team, plus cant find away to get a profit or a way to benefit the use of a $21 million dollar Marbury for one season dont look good to any of Dolan's advisors whom also are reading these Newspapers with the media spin on Marbury.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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