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Marbaury says the right thing most of the time!? Negative Rep point for talking out of your rear!

Do I need to point out the difference between Kobe and Steph? That example is garbage! Not to mention Laker fans were indeed pissed off w/ Kobe when he was demanding to be traded and was talking bad about teamates and management you dumb ass! He actually got booed opening night last year! Another Negative Rep Point for using false examples to support a weak claim!

Now about him coming off the bench and you asked who ever said he would come off the bench....The question was asked to Steph would he accept coming of the bench for The Knicks, he said no he's not coming off the bench in NY. Read the article it's there as clear as day. I never stated that he should come off the bench you need to learn how to reply to what was actually said instead of you think you can argue!

I don't even understand what point you were trying to make in my saying how Oak was my favorite Knick. My opinions are my opinion and they are not in any way to establish an image! Oak was my favorite Knick nothing more to say about that.

Look I have proved to you before that you don't know the game, and that you lie just to make yourself look knowledgable(see your Eddy Curry prediction statement). To your credit it has worked for you, people actually think you know what you're talking about, so keep up the good work! But peddle your B.S. to them because the smart Knick fans on this site see through you!

And Metro goes down..his mouthpiece is on the floor and bloody. New York New York stands over him and launches a ball of spit to his forehead. Metro takes it hard and the ref calls the fight.

The fans start chanting for Metro to go home. And he does...in a stretcher. As he leaves the arena, the fans throw everything they could find at him in disgust. Metro gives a thumbs up, and a beer can hits his thumb breaking it as he leaves in even more pain.

The End.