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    Default Damn Donnie had cancer sugery this summer

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    I was at first not going to post a thread about it because truthfully there isnt really much to say about it, plus a person's health is way more serious than anything basketball related. But it does pertain to our team after all so I guess it should be addressed. It looks like they caught the cancer early so he should be ok. But in case his health causes him to quit who steps in his place? I heard a rumor that Allan Houston will be granted a front office postion if he doesnt make The Knicks and there was another rumor long ago that Allan Houston was supposed to take over after Isiah Thomas. Now these are all just rumors, so I don't put much stock into them, in fact even this story itself should be taken with a grain of salt; remember Peter V. also reported this past summer that Derrick Coleman was much sicker than he was. But if you were Dolan would you be thinking of a possible successor or if you're Walsh do you take in a Billy King or someone like that to have in place just in case. Walsh has praised Grunwald (I think that is his name) is he that person who would take over for us?

    Again likely this is all in vain and Donnie will be fine but it is worth talking about.

    All I can say is that Donnie Walsh is dedicated to his job! And really God Bless Donnie because having lost family to cancer I know how serious it can be. He said he they caught it early so likely he is fine and it's buisness as usual
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    Now that Donnie's Canser has been removed (and hopefully gone for ever) he has to get back at trying to get rid of the Knicks Canser's...... Steph,Zack,Eddy!

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