Our current financial crisis was influenced by corruption that got so bad that we are now in this situation. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac....ring a bell? These guys are known as of right now, as one of the most corrupt business people in America that screwed so many people for their own personal gain. And guess what? On their list of people they payed....Barack Obama is 2nd. This goes back to Obama's bad association with people. Jeremiah Wright, Bil Aires, etc. Barack is closer to some pretty bad people than everyone thinks. Look into the whole Fannie and Freddie situation. And then look at Obama's connection with them. It raises some eyebrows.

Joe Johnson is associated with Obama and he was the CEO for Fannie Mae. And more with the connection to Obama. Shows his financial views...not good.

Here is the aftermath.

CHECK THIS OUT....Obama says that he predicted the Crisis when he himself supported Fannie and Freddie. Unbelievable!