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    Default William Wesley = Lebron to NY???

    Apparently this guy named William Wesley has friends in high places. This article made my eyebrow go up when it mentioned that he is not only friends with Larry Brown and Micheal Jordan....but LEBRON JAMES. And Wesley was talking a lot to Donnie Walsh recently.

    Anybody know this William Wesley guy and if he can possibly help Lebron come to Madison Square Garden?

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    This was pretty funny to read...

    Wesley, who attended today’s practice at Skidmore College, has also known Allan Houston and his father, Wade Houston, for more than 20 years and has been pals with several current and former Knicks including Rick Brunson, who is now an assistant coach at the University of Virginia.
    It goes from Jordan, to Larry Brown, to Allan Houston and then...Brunson? LOL
    I didn't know he was coaching now. Hey at least he's no Sprewell. lol

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