Today was definitely a good day. In the morning we watched some film from yesterday's scrimmaging, then we did a lot of shooting and running through a lot of the basic plays that we will be running.
Watch out for Anthony Roberson, a guard who can really shoot. He and I go head to head in the shooting drills. It's gets crazy! We have drills where we have to be the first to make 50 3's. You would think that I'd take a long time, but guys get hot and its fun to watch.

We had our second practice earlier than normal. Not much time to recover, but it was a good test for me especially. We scrimmaged a lot more in the second practice. Coach D'Antoni wanted us to get used to scrimmaging more so we can get used to the system.

Everyone seems to be in good shape, because we do a LOT of running; and guys are handling it well. I can tell that no matter how many games we win this year, it's going to be fun. This style of play is going to help Nate Robinson a lot. He is getting better at slowing himself down to make better decisions, even though the pace of play seems to be fast and frantic. I can see even more now that's what makes Steve Nash so good. He plays at a seemingly fast pace but he's really in control because he can slow himself down and make instant decisions.

The funniest thing today was seeing the rookies sing at a team dinner. Patrick Jr, Dan Grunfeld (both who I would see all the times as young teenagers around the Knicks locker room), and Danilo Gallinari. They sang 'Heal the World' or something like that!

--From Allan