Our team needs our support as we embark on the journey for redemption.

The players we have now don't need us fans divided and fighting over who belongs or who should be gone. This **** hits the media and shifts the player's focus from what Coach is trying to do.

Marbury will be here this year, so will Curry, Crawford, Randolph and everyone else in the top 12. What's the value of ripping someone who'll be wearing our jersey for the foreseeable future?

I see how some of ya'll get real personal with this ****. With Stephon's words yesterday, where he said that he'll come off the bench and do whatever it takes to make things better, he set an example for all fans to really put this bull**** aside and start talking about how they'll come together and improve throughout the season.

In the end, I don't give a fuuuck who is wearing the jersey as long as the trophy comes home.