New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors
Tonight @ 7:00pm ET

Welcome to the official MSG33 pregame show. Im your host the Gold Mac 10 and Ill be doing Knicks game threads through out the year. Its a brand new season after the knicks look to put last year.....actually, the last 4 or 5 years behind them. Isiah Thomas is no longer the head man in charge. Donnie Walsh is now the gm, and the new coach of the Knicks is Mike D'antoni. Mike won 50 or more games 4 years straight with the Phoenix Suns. But now he no longer has Amare Stoudamire and Steve Nash on his team.

All reports from the media indicate that Mike D'antoni and the knicks are confident about this season. Mike has spoken about how the talent on this roster has impressed him, specifically Nate Robinson and Jared Jeffries. Not so sure what impressive about Jeffries, but we cant forget about Danilo Gallinari, one of the newest and most notable offseason acquisitions. Also referred to as the Big ****, Gallinari is known for having a good basketball iq, alot of heart, being able to drive the ball, shoot well, pass, and leadership. I believe he is playing tonight, but i do not know as a fact. Either way, I look forward to watching the Big **** grow and develop as a player.

2008-09 New York Knicks

  • #34 Eddy Curry
  • #13 Jerome James
  • #20 Jared Jeffries
  • #42 David Lee
  • #50 Zach Randolph
  • #31 Malik Rose
  • #21 Wilson Chandler
  • #6 Patrick Ewing Jr.
  • #8 Danilo Gallinari
  • #23 Quentin Richardson
  • #5 Anthony Roberson
  • #25 Mardy Collins
  • #1 Chris Duhon
  • #3 Stephon Marbury
  • #4 Nate Robinson
  • #11 Jamal Crawford
  • #14 Allan Houston
  • #?? Dan Grunfeld

Dan Grunfeld gets a thumbdown, kick that maggot off the team. Roberson too, we dont need him. While their at it, how about Jared jeffries, malik rose, and eddy curry. These guys are all useless. Jerome James >> Curry

Expected Starters for Tonights Game

At Point guard, Chris Duhon
At Shooting guard, Jamal Crawford
At Small Forward, Quentin Richardson
At Power Forward, Zach Randolph
At Center, David Lee

No one cares about the Craptors, all there is to know about them is that they have chris bosh, jose calderon, and they traded TJ ford for Jermaine O'neal. They have some other good role players too.

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Song Name:Save Me Dear

*I will not have as much time to make the game threads this year. Anyone whos interested in being my partner (no homo) can contact me by responding in this thread or private messaging me.