That was a fun game to watch and I have to admit the Knicks surprised me of how good they played.The three point shooting was terrible but the way they ran that offense was amazing.David Lee is a great player on our team!! Yes its only preseason but he played that game tonight like the Knicks was in a playoff race.He and Randouph has great chemistry this year and it showed tonight.Imo trade Curry and let these two start and bring Chandler off the bench if one gets in foul trouble.

Duhon had a bad shooting night and had about 6 to's but he did hve some assist's and rebounds.Marbury imo did'nt play good either he also turned the ball over about 5 times and neither of them played any defense.

Nate played with some intensity tonight and husle and played a decent game and I see him having a great season if he gets the playing time.Over all I was really impressed by the Knicks play and I think this season they will play alot better than years past.GO KNICKS!!!