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I think the biggest and most important thing that happened last night was that David Lee showed he can hit a mid range jumpshot. If David Lee can consistantly hit a mid range jumpshot (like Kurt Thomas) he very well can become an allstar.

I'd give Duhon and even Marbury a pass on the turnovers. It was there first live game in this system. Neither player has ever played in an offense like this. I'll give Duhon till the end of preseason to truely grasp all the tiny aspects that make the system works. That being said if he turns the ball over 7 times a game in the regular season i'll be all over him. Side note Duhon did defend. Note to Marbury fans even if Duhon falls flat on his face D'Antoni will start Nate over Steph.

Nate played good. Only real bad thing to say about him is that he has to learn to fight through screens.

Zach hustled and did some good offensive things but his defense was as expected.

Chandler looked good but i have no problem with him coming off the bench for the early part of the season. Chandler is only 21 and he's going to get plenty of minutes so i have no problem with Q who by default is a team leader being in the starting lineup for the time being.

GetReal, you finally gave Lee sum Props!
just joking LOL. Now, about my idea of "Marbury & Nate" pushing the ball.... they did a great job on whoever Toronto put infront of them.

I notice coach Dantoni only played 3 players with everyone of his lineups.... PG-Duhorn, SG-Crawford, and Bigman Lee. and only one played well with each of the lineups (Lee)...

Duhorn 7 turnovers with each of the lineups dont bother me so much, what bothers me is Coach Dantoni having more confidence in Duhorn....than Duhorn have in himself.... is what bothers me.
It's the same as Isiah with Crawful.

I must admitt I like Dantoni first preseason coaching strategy with the 2 units. Starters vs Nate, Marbury, Chandler, and Malik.

I dont like the idea of 21 year old athletic Chandler being pushed to play PF when he has the skillz to be the third-guard in a 3-guard run n gun system, which was showed a few times with Marbury & Nate.

The Knicks dont have enough bigmen, and I dont consider Jefferies, Q.Rich, or Chandler as bigman in the regular season.
The Knicks could use Patrick Ewing sr. right now to put Curry in running game shape to start him playing during the middle of November.
This team need a bigman center in the middle for oposing teams to focus on whether it is low post scoring (alley-oops) or shotblocking.
We got a running PF-Lee and a Halfcourt PF-Zach.