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    Default Mike D makes some bold predictions

    I hope Mike knows that NY is not the town to make predictions that don't come true. Hey for the sake of our team (and his rep) I hope these predictions will come true!

    I like Mike he isnt destroying his team's confidence like Larry Brown did (damn did you see Charlotte the other night), hopefully the players rise to the expectations he has for them.
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    We have fair to many sloppy players to be that high in lowest turnovers per game. But the Duhon prediction ain't that hard, It really won't be hard for him to beat his career numbers if hes playing 35 minutes a night in this offense. He played a bad game the other night and still got 6 assists.
    Could use some traffic to the site and comments

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    I like Mike

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    Here is somethin I was going to throw in a thread on Allan Houston being in Training Camp which impressed Walsh to give him an office job, rather than playingtime in the preseason. Allan Houston did somethin good to pull that off.

    I have been giving coach Dantoni props on his coaching the two preseason games. When a B-Ball old timer friend put me on to "Allan Houston" being apart of this Knicks training-camp. Not in..... but apart of..... player-coach.

    It hit me, I forgot that Allan Houston has been sitting on the "inside" of this Knick Organization for the last 5 years.
    I'm not indicating that Dantoni cant coach, but he has been informed wisely how to coach this crazy Knick roster from someone other than Herb Williams.
    Check the two Preseason games:

    The Marbury & Nate 2nd-unit backcourt tandem are playing great as two "combo-guards" pushing the ball and switching positions according to the tempo on the court. They have everyone wondering which one is the PG.

    When we seen the lineup of Marbury & Duhorn in the first game, Duhorn did not switch positions with Marbury by maning the PG position by dribbling the ball up court while teammates were running up court which caused Duhorn dribbling to much to lead to turnovers (a replica of Crawful). That was in the first game where the Raptors did not bother to play their starters in the 4th quarter.

    In the second game Duhorn could not mesh well with Crawful & Q.Rich in the starting lineup the trio lost control of the first quarter and Philly took a 16 point lead in the first quarter on the Knicks starters "38-22".

    In the 2nd quarter when Duhorn replaced Nate in the lineup to play alongside of Marbury, Chandler, Malik, and Lee, that's when you seen Duhorn had learned that it was his an Marbury job to push the ball upcourt as fast as possible before oponents could setup on defense. Marbury & Duhorn broke records in pushing the ball up court in record time to out run Philly guards & bigmen to have a big "38-13" 2nd quarter advantage over Philly.
    Q.Rich was only given 6 minutes of playingtime so Chandler, Nate, and Collins could take his playingtime to keep pushing the ball at top speed.

    Note: In the two preseason games you have not seen the tandem of Marbury & Crawful in the same lineup. Nor did you see Q.Rich or Zach for any length of time on the court with Marbury during those two games.

    To be a new coach and have early knowledge of the "Oil and Water" players on your new team, plus how to play them for some success, I can not give all that credit to just Dantoni & Herb when you got Allan Houston in the back ground.....getting an office job too.

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    we'll need CHandler to make some strides for it to happen though

    finally some positive energy around this team

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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