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I was starting to like the Marbury, Nate, Duhorn, Chandler, and Lee, 2nd unit lineup. Why? Why? Why did Dantoni add Curry to that Lineup?
Curry supposed to be in training untill Oct 29.
Dantoni should know Curry is not ready for scrimmage games now.
Plus none of Curry teammates on court is digging him being out there with them.
Because the only way to get him into game shape is to put him in a game.... And its the preseason so it doesn't matter if we win or lose. Looked bad but considerin he's had a bacterial infection and barely practiced i expected even worse.

All the D'Antoni doubters should be impressed with the way he hasn't just handed Eddy minutes. Unless Eddy reverts back to 2 years ago i really see him playing 15 min. a night tops.